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Medical professionals.

Your vocation demands most of your time, so it shouldn’t cost you money too.

Whether your retirement is imminent or a decade away, one thing seems certain, moving on from the NHS to the next phase of your life is likely to be complicated. The earlier you start planning, the easier important decisions will be to make and the greater the impact.


We’ve put together an in-depth guide to help you navigate the Golden Decade, that is, the last ten years of your employment with the NHS.

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We're proud to be a verified member of the Medics' Money network, outlining our commitment to helping Medical Professionals reach their financial goals. Simply click on the logo below to read our reviews.

Solutions built for you

We offer a range of solutions, tailored to the needs of medical professionals.

Specialist pension advice

When it comes to the NHS Pension Scheme, you face extremes; a highly valuable benefit and significant complexity. We understand the scheme and the common challenges medical professionals encounter, so we are well positioned to help.

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Financial planning

The last ten years of your career are particularly important. We call it the Golden Decade. Creating a financial plan to maximise this timeframe is critical for medical professionals.

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Investment management

Diversification, low costs and targeting risk-adjusted returns will always be the foundation of your portfolio. For medical professionals, we also balance investments inside the NHS Pension Scheme with those outside it, so your overall portfolio reflects your financial plan.

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“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”

Jerzy Gregorek

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Jon has a wealth of experience advising medical professionals, helping them to optimise their situation today and prepare for life after the NHS.

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